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Home teams career transition service


Move ahead with confidence

AKG offers transition and placement support to all Singapore home teams personnel.

Career transition service

Change does not have to be uncertain or frightening, start your new career journey with clarity, certainty and confidence with AKG’s Career Transition services designed specially to help public service personnel transit successfully into new careers.

Whether you are planning to pivot or start your new career now or later, AKG’s modular coaching sessions are crafted to suit your pace of transition. Discover your transferrable and adjacent skills to discover new career opportunities, map out a career action plan to chart your way to a new successful career and sign up for our placement services to land our next job.

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Discover. Pivot. Launch.

Your dedication and service in the Home Team have penned an inspiring chapter in Singapore’s story. Now, let AKG help author your next.

Our team of experts is trained to recognise the unique skills you have honed in the force. We will guide you in identifying transferable talents, that launch new career avenues, and ensure you step into the next phase with unwavering confidence.

Begin your next fulfilling chapter with AKG. Your journey towards a promising future starts here.

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Which is service is right for you?

Our Home Teams services include a transition and a placement service

Career transition service

6-month programme to help you identify, set and implement your career / retirement goals:

  • Fortnightly 1-2-1 sessions with a dedicated Coach, with an action plan and informal catch-ups in-between formal sessions.
  • Bespoke service, with coaching content and approach based on your interests and needs.
  • Assessments to help identify your skills, passions and strengths and inform your career/life planning.

Example coaching topics

  • Personal Development & Resilience
  • Change Management
  • Retirement & Life Planning
  • Early Retirement versus Re-employment
  • Skills (including identifying transferrable skills & skills development)
  • General career advice & guidance

Recommended for

  • Two or more years from compulsory retirement age to begin planning the next stage
  • Considering early retirement and wanting to explore options
  • Undecided or unsure of plans
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Placement service

6-month, employment-focused programme to help you:

  • Identify career and job goals and gain practical job search and employability skills
  • Find, and retain, sustainable employment
  • You will have access to all the support outlined in the Career Transition Service

Career transition services plus

  • Employability Workshop & Training
  • Assisted Job Search Support
  • Job Matching Services (including our Employer Engagement Team)
  • In-work Support (additional 6 months support once in work)

Recommended for

  • Close to retirement (or recently retired) and looking for next role
  • Those accessing the Career Transition Service and would like additional work-focused support
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Home teams career transition service

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