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Your journey to meaningful employment

We are committed to delivering high-quality services for the communities we serve.

Benefits for job seekers

We are dedicated to supporting you in your search for a sustainable and meaningful career opportunity. Our approach combines careful planning, personal engagement, and timely support to help you succeed. We will partner with you to understand your career goals, values, interest, and career transferable traits that will enable a sustainable career path. 

Your journey to meaningful employment

Your dedicated career consultant possesses the unique combination of coaching and recruitment skills that will help you obtain career clarity that aligns you to suitable opportunities. Our support to job seekers has helped them effectively make a transition to their career landing of choice in the most efficient and deliberate process that alleviates the stress and anxiety of managing a job search journey.

Our approach

At AKG, we value partnerships, responsibility, and integrity. This is evident in the work we do every day, impacting the lives of individuals we serve, making a difference - one person at a time.

We will guide you through your journey back to work based on your individual needs and job preferences.

Our services for job seekers

Preparing for work

The first stage typically involves an introduction to the programme and with your dedicated consultant who will help you with your career aspirations and goals. This includes identifying your transferable skills and attributes to create a marketable and impactful resume.

Applying for jobs

Your consultant will help you craft a job search strategy to maximise your search process and  confidence in navigating the different channels available to explore career possibilities. Your consultant will help you to identify suitable roles and nominate your profile to suitable vacancies.

Job search

The search journey can often be tiring and anxious. Our consultant helps to alleviate some of this anxiety through regular touchpoints to guide and encourage. Every conversation with a consultant will probe for information to uncover blind spots and areas that needs bridging, which you may have missed. We share our market insights and knowledge of the local recruiting and selection processes.

Ensuring success

Our partnership does not end when you find work. Our consultants continue to support through onboarding coaching conversations so that you have a better transition into the new role and environment. Our consultant will continue to be there for you as a sounding board to help you succeed in a new work environment.

Government initiatives and links

Employment assistance

Career matching programme

Benefit from professional advice on how to improve your employability and gain access to job and training opportunities.


Match your skills to the most updated and current job opportunities with MyCareersFuture.


Navigate the career resources of your job search journey to achieve career success with WSG Career GRIT.

Tripartite alliance for fair employment practices

Get help from the Tripartite alliance for fair employment practices.

Self-sponsored training

Thinking of taking up new courses to excel in your job environment? Find out more about eligible programmes that qualify for subsidies or skills support schemes.

Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

Eligible mid-career individuals aged 40 years and above can qualify for MCES to pursue lifelong learning through SSG-supported courses.

Course Fee Funding for Self-employed

Self-sponsored Singaporeans or Permanent Residents individuals can also receive funding for SSG-supported courses.

Workfare Skills Support Scheme

Eligible Singaporean workers can undergo training to enhance their employment outcomes and receive training allowances or cash rewards at the same time.

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Job seekers

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