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AKG is committed to giving back to the community through partnerships that empower people and make a positive impact. Such as transforming the lives of individual with special needs, assist persons with disabilities in overcoming obstacles, bring joy and seniors in need and help families triumph against the odds.

Our partnerships

We believe our community partnerships can be the building block to create thriving communities and inspire people to achieve their fullest potential.


FastCo, the company behind FastJobs and FastGig, is a technology start-up on a mission to innovate staffing with Simple, Effective, and Fast solutions. Its flagship product, FastJobs, which was first launched in April 2015, has ranked consistently among the top and fastest-growing recruitment apps in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines for the manual, service, and semi-skilled job segments. Through innovative solutions and services, FastJobs enables greater accessibility to jobs for its registered users. In 2022, FastCo officially launched its flexi-work platform, FastGig, which caters to jobseekers searching for flexible work opportunities beyond conventional part-time or full-time employment. Through FastJobs and FastGig, businesses are able to deploy an effective blended workforce solution.


SPD is a charity set up in Singapore in 1964 to help people with disabilities to maximise their potential and be integrated into mainstream society. There are over 20 programmes running from six locations islandwide cater to people of all ages with physical, sensory and developmental disabilities, a majority of whom are from low‐income families. Services include day care, therapy, early intervention, vocational training,assistive technology, as well as educational, employment and social support. Through these, SPD aim to prepare children with developmental needs to go to mainstream schools, help youths with disabilities to complete their studies, provide therapy and help adults with disabilities to find jobs, and train people with disabilities with higher support needs to be independent while providing respite for their family members and caregivers.

Yayasan Medaki

Yayasan MENDAKI (“MENDAKI”) (Council for the Development of the Singapore Malay/Muslim Community) is a Self-Help Group and was set up in 1982 to uplift the academic performance of the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore through education and lifelong learning.

Its programmes assist students, families, workers, and individuals at various stages of life with their education, learning, and training needs. MENDAKI’s strategies include:

  • Empowering parents as the child’s first teacher, nurturer, and partner;
  • Preparing children and youth to be resilient and future-ready;
  • Empowering workers to be enterprising, connected, adaptable, and lifelong learner; and
  • Enhancing its organisational capacity to achieve excellence.

MENDAKI’s programmes are accessible to all and are highly subsidised. Its education programmes aim to support students’ pathway to success and are designed to supplement or complement national initiatives.

MENDAKI works extensively with the public sector, people sector partners, as well as private sector foundations that share and support its vision and mission. These include fellow self-help groups, government agencies, schools, community centres, community and grassroots organisations, and family and student service centres.

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Community partners

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